These are a few of the questions which we are asked regularly by people enquiring about our narrowboat cruise holidays. If you have any queries which are not covered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and Rosie will be happy to answer and advise as best she can.

Don’t worry. You only need to be as active as you want to be on a narrowboat cruise. When hopping on and off the boats there is always a willing member of crew to lend a hand should one be needed and you can specify the lower bunk cabin when booking or a cabin on Kerala to limit the amount of crossing you need to do at mealtimes. If you have any concerns over your agility we will be happy to discuss these with you and give advice.
This very much depends on the time of year and how active you wish to be. Comfortable clothes are best, with items you can layer in changeable weather. A sweater is always recommended as even warm days can have cool evenings. As we cannot guarantee sunshine every day, it’s a good idea to bring some light waterproof gear and if you intend to be out and about, a stout pair of shoes for the towpath are a must. If you’re feeling particularly optimistic, don’t forget some sun lotion, sun glasses and even shorts! If you are keen on the wildlife then bring a camera and a pair of binoculars. Some guests like to change for dinner, although this is by no means obligatory. We advise you to pack it all in a collapsible rather than a hard case and wheels always make things a lot easier to transport, especially if travelling by public transport.
No problem. Just let us know at the time of booking and ensure it is noted on the booking form. We can work around most things, including strong dislikes.
Hotelboating appeals to a wide variety of people. Some may be retired, travelling as a couple or on their own. They may be nature lovers, walkers, photographers or those with an interest in Britain’s industrial heritage. There are even those who come just to help with the locks. A good percentage of our guests are regulars and come back year after year. The things all our guests have in common is an appreciation for nature and wildlife and the desire to enjoy a relaxing holiday in good company.
The great thing about our itineraries is that they can be flexible. If you want to walk there is nearly always a towpath running alongside the canal and when we moor up for the evening there is enough time to explore the surrounding area before dinner. Where we cruise through interesting places, we are happy to give you the opportunity for a wander if you wish or we can keep moving if not. At the end of the day, it’s your holiday! The only cruises not recommended for the more energetic guest would be the rivers, which lack towpaths for much of their length. If you would like more details on which cruises would suit your interests or requirements most please feel free to contact us to discuss.
Pretty much everything! From the moment you arrive on board, you need not pay for anything, except drinks from the bar, although a glass of wine is included with the evening meal. Travel to and from the boats or car parking fees are not included although we are happy to advise on travel arrangements and secure parking facilities where we can.
Our schedule is released 12 months prior to the start of that season and we begin taking bookings from then. We have a number of regular guests and we do find that new routes fill quickly so if there are particular dates or routes you wish to see or you would like a particular cabin, it is always advisable to book as soon as you’ve decided.
You can book as an individual, couple or small group and we then take other bookings until we have a maximum of 8 guests. Even if we aren’t fully booked we still run the cruise as we need to get to the destination for the start of the next cruise. If you do want to book all the cabins, perhaps for yourself and a group of friends, we have charter prices available, which offer a significant reduction in the overall price, please contact Rosieif you are interested in this option.