Cruise 1: Banbury to Coventry - 7 nights starting on Wednesday 17th April 2019

Training Cruise Only

Cruise 2: Coventry to Stratford upon Avon - 9 nights starting on Wednesday 25th April 2019

68 miles , 77 locks, 3 tunnels and a spectacular aqueduct

Coventry Arm, Sutton Stop, Anker Valley, Atherstone Flight, Birmingham and Fazeley, CanalGrand Union Canal, Stratford Canal, Forest of Arden, Wilmcote, Stratford upon Avon and Shakespeare Country


Travel down the intimate Stratford Canal to the heart of Shakespeare country.

We leave the basin in Coventry and begin making our way along the canal towards the edge of the city. The canal here survived the bombing of Coventry during the blitz and, when at risk of closure, was saved by volunteers who fought to keep it open. Our course passes many works of art which have been installed along the tow path to make an art trail which adds much interest, as we cruise from urban town to rural countryside, all the way to Hawkesbury Junction. The Coventry Canal travels past old quarries, some used as far back as Roman times. After a flight of locks at Atherstone, we head through a long, lock free section past glorious farmland, which brings us through Polesworth and pretty wooded sections. We eventually descend two locks at Glascote and come to the junction at Fazeley, where we turn southwards and start our journey into the outskirts of Birmingham. Here we have a chance to spot the varied wildlife which is attracted to the flooded gravel pits, before we finally reach the outskirts of Birmingham. We travel through Salford and Bordesley junctions and then head back out of the city on The Grand Union Canal.

Having experienced the only broad locks on this cruise, the attractive Knowle flight, we negotiate the tricky turns of Kingswood Junction and join the Stratford canal. This canal stands out as being full of character with its cast iron aqueducts, barrel roofed cottages, split bridges and pretty scenery. Frequent locks, as well as the flights at Lapworth and Wilmcote, bring us down into the Avon valley, through the Forest of Arden. Although a helping hand is always welcome, you are free to sit back and enjoy the scenery, or the walk between locks provides good opportunities to stretch your legs. Our final destination is Bancroft Basin in the heart of historic Stratford and, overlooked by the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, we come to journeys end.

Canal Plan Route Details.

Coventry2bStratford Basin

Cruise 3: Stratford upon Avon to Gas Street Basin - 7 nights starting on Tuesday 7th May 2019

48 miles, 70 locks, 4 tunnels and a magnificent aqueduct

Stratford upon Avon, Stratford Canal, Forest of Arden, Wilmcote, Kingswood Junction, Lapworth Flight, Brandwood Tunnel, King's Norton Junction, Worcester and Birmingham Canal, Old Main Line, Black Country Museum, New Main Line, Gas Street Basin


From Shakespeare’s birthplace to the centre of the industrial revolution.

Having soaked up the atmosphere of Stratford, we travel up the canal with its cast iron aqueducts, barrel roofed cottages, and split bridges. Pretty scenery accompanies us through a selection of exclusive Warwickshire villages, such as Wilmcote, the location of Mary Arden’s House, and the Forest of Arden. Many and frequent locks provide good opportunities for stretching your legs and, although a helping hand is always welcome, there is no obligation as the crew take the boats through the narrow locks.

At Kingswood Junction we stay on the Stratford Canal. We make our way through the perfect bow hauling locks at Lapworth, where the top of one lock is only yards from the bottom of the next. The final twelve miles of the Stratford canal are lock free, rural at first before entering the residential outskirts of Birmingham. Passing through the unique guillotine stop lock that marks the end of the Stratford canal we approach King’s Norton junction where we turn towards the centre of Birmingham.

Rail and canal share this route into the city, passing through the centre of the Bournville chocolate factory. We enjoy fine views from the Edgbaston embankment of Birmingham University and the residential splendor of this suburb. The railway now makes it way to New Street station, whilst we make a sharp left to pass through Worcester Bar and Gas Street Basin.

To cross the city to Dudley we have to choose between Brindley and Telford, the Old and New Main Line. Each has it’s attractions; crossroads, junctions, flyovers, sliproads, nature and industry. In Dudley we’ll spend the night at the Black Country Museum moorings ready for our visit the next day. Finally we cross the city once more, back to Gas Street, for our final night of the cruise.

Canal Plan Route Details

Barrel CottageKingswood JunctionBournville

Cruise 4: Gas Street Basin to Gas Street Basin - 7 nights starting on Thursday 16th May 2019

42 miles and 52 locks

Explore the industrial heart of the English canal system on this tour of the BCN.

birmingham 2018SpaghettiJunctionAngleseyBasin

Cruise 5: Gas Street Basin to Nantwich - 7 nights starting on Saturday 25th May 2019

55 miles and 53 locks

From the heart of Birmingham to Elizabethan Nantwich through the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

birmingham 2018 1audlemNantwichHorse

Cruise 6: Nantwich to Llangollen - 7 nights starting on Monday 3rd of June 2019

46 mile and 21 locks

Dramatic engineering and peaceful countryside on this journey from England to Wales.

Cruise 7: Llangollen to Nantwich via the Montgomery - 8 nights starting on Tuesday 11th June 2019

61 miles and 31 locks

Dramatic engineering and peaceful countryside on this journey from Wales to England.

Cruise 8: Nantwich to Whaley Bridge - 8 nights starting onThursday 20th June 2019

59 miles and 48 locks

From the Cheshire plains to the Peak District on five unique canals.

Cruise 9: Whaley Bridge to Stoke on Trent via the Caldon - 9 nights starting on Saturday 29th June 2019

65 miles and 37 locks

Peaks, valleys and industrial heritage on this four canal cruise.

Cruise 10: Stoke on Trent to Coventry - 9 nights starting on Wednesday 9th July 2019

70 miles and 31 locks

Lively canal junctions, rural seclusion and plenty of good old English pubs!

Cruise 11: Coventry to Warwick - 6 nights starting on Saturday 20th July 2019

47 miles and 29 locks

Contrast the twisty North Oxford with the straight and wide Grand Union.

Cruise 12: Warwick to Warwick - 10 nights starting on Monday 29th July 2019

100 miles and 83 locks

Lots of interest and variation, with wide, narrow and paired locks; industrial Birmingham contrasted with beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

Cruise 13 Warwick to Tring - 8 nights starting on Friday 9th August 2019

77 miles and 70 locks

Walking and lock wheeling on the M40 of the canal system.

Cruise 14: Tring to Little Venice - 9 nights starting on Monday 19th August 2019

62 miles and 62 locks

Explore England’s capital city from the water and appreciate its architecture and heritage from a whole new, peaceful, angle.

Cruise 15: Weybridge to Reading, via the River Wey - 7 nights starting on Monday 2nd September 2019

72 miles and 41 locks

Travel the National Trust’s River Wey, then on to the Thames for a trip through the Berkshire countryside.

Cruise 16: Reading to Bath - 9 nights starting on Tuesday 10th September 2019

78 miles and 99 locks.

All the way from the Kennet to the Avon!

Cruise 17: Bath to Bristol, via Devises - 7 nights starting on Friday 20th September 2019

60 miles and 36 locks

Two beautiful cities to explore and the best of the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Cruise 18: Bristol to Newbury - 9 nights starting on Saturday 28th September 2019

73 miles and 85 locks

All the way from the Avon to the Kennet!

Cruise 19: Newbury to Oxford - 7 nights starting on Tuesday 8th October 2019

58 miles and 35 locks

The best of the lower Thames!

Cruise 20: Oxford to Banbury via the Upper Thames - 5 nights starting on Thursday 17th October 2019

33 miles and 19 locks

A lovely rural cruise with intermittent locks. An excellent introduction to canal boating!